Monday, August 3, 2015


On June 24th, Divine Paranormal Investigations and Research Society, a Columbiana County Paranormal Group along with our friends from Dark Shadows Ghost Tours and PANIC’d left for a week long adventure to explore the Battlegrounds and Historic locations of Gettysburg, Pa.11049474_861241733969469_3778042288590217030_nHere we are all bright eyed and ready to leave

We had some great experiences both paranormal as well as personal while in Gettysburg. The first place we went was to Sachs Bridge to  try and recreate a video that is on You Tube showing a spirit that likes to smoke cigarettes. To say we accomplished this would be an understatement. We had to go back there another time to try to answer some questions as well as to see if we could get this spirit to interact with us once again.10357123_859409520819357_3035305175886799212_n11214384_861241743969468_118359109565195812_n

What a great investigation!!!

We had the opportunity to explore many historic Civil War locations there such as Devils Den, Slaughter Pen, Little Round Top, The Railroad Cut, Cemetery Hill, Seminary Ridge and so much more…11391619_861241557302820_7716039090398670727_n 11350645_861241580636151_5720347066955586181_n

our group at Devils Den                   Here we are at Slaughter Pen



We had the chance to have a private investigation at the Orphanage a well as the Jenny Wade House. What a great and eventful evening.11667275_861241983969444_8407111795034135438_n16483_861241963969446_5700977666833105462_n

So much to say about this trip and we did a live show each night from the farmhouse we rented out for our stay highlighting the events of the day. We even had a virtual Ghost Hunt Live on the last night of our stay.

All the shows we did as well as the Ghost Hunt are able to be seen on You Tube under Dark Shadow Ghost Tours. You can also see more about our investigations on our web site

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