Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mahoning Valley Paranormal Conference 2015

Divine Paranormal Investigations and Research Society was honored to be a part of the First Annual Mahoning Valley Paranormal Conference. We were there with our friends at PANICd and Dark Shadow Ghost Tours.


There was a lot of good food as well as knowledgeable speakers. Shawn Donley, from PANICd, spoke about needing paranormal investigators to help supply information for the paranormal database. Marianne Donley of Dark Shadow Ghost Tours, spoke about the paranormal locations that were featured during the paranormal scavenger hunt. Rachelle Rozzo from Hill View Manor, talked about the upcoming events they have planned as well as some of the experiences they have been having at their location. The J.C. Thompson Building was represented by Sara Muschweck. Sara spoke about the restoration going on at her building and the activity that has been occurring there. Sara also gave us a rundown of some events that are planned for the summer there. Psychic Readings by Cindy, featured Cindy Burkett Willoughby and she discussed the value of using a psychic during an investigation as well as when not to use a psychic. Beyond The Edge Radio’s own Eric Altman was on hand discussing the history and legends associated with bigfoot sightings in the Mahoning Valley area and Mike and Lee Mizenko from Divine Paranormal were on hand. Mike spoke about the topics of Blessings, Cleansings and Crossings.There was a nice crowd that attended and all the speakers answered any and all questions . It was a great night. This was held in Youngstown, Ohio May 9th, 2015. Can’t wait to do it again!!!!!!

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